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Rainbow Minnesota State symbolizing LGBTQ pride and inclusivity.
LGBTQ+ Friendly Realtors in Minnesota
A VIP buyer program for LGBTQ+ buyers that goes above and beyond to make it a special experience.

VIP Buyer Program

We can help you find the ideal home with the least amount of hassle; and we are devoted to using our expertise and the full resource of our team to achieve the results!  Book a 10 minute consultation with one of our team members to become eligible for our VIP Buyer Program. 

Cash at Closing

Earn cash back toward your closing costs in our VIP buyer program.

Book a 15 minute buyer consultation with one of our agents to learn about the home buying process. If you choose us and one of our preferred lenders to buy a home, we will contribute $1,000 towards your closing costs. 

No Out-of-Pocket Costs

An image showing that in Minnesota, buyers do not have to pay realtors out of their own pocket to help them buy a house.

The best thing about having us as your Realtor® is that all this help is not paid out of your pocket. Instead, the seller will pay us commission at your closing. 

Same Day Showings

An image showing these realtors work 24/7 for you and stay in constant communication.

With homes selling so fast in today's market, it's important to have an agent who can get you access to the property right away. We offer same day showings for our VIP clients. 

Preferred Lenders

We have referrals to LGBTQ+ lenders in Minneapolis. Keep it in the community!

We have established relationships with several local lenders. Plus, working with a local lender improves your chances of winning a bid on a home & reviewing the best rates with amazing service. 

Love it or List it

Love 2.png

After purchasing your home; if you don't love it and choose to sell it in the first 6 months, we will sell it for $0 Listing Commission. 

Off Market Listings

An image showing realtors with access to listings that are not on the market yet.

Our brokerage is unique. Every Realtor shares their upcoming listings with each other so that we can offer them to our buyers before they even hit the market! This gives our buyers an edge over all of the buyers out there shopping online only.

Find the RIGHT Home

An image showing ways these realtors will help you search for a home on MLS.

Finding the right home is NOT just waiting for it to come on the open market so you get bid against 30 other buyers! When you enlist the AlexanderGroup Team, we will send you a curated list of homes we think are a good fit for you and give you access to our customized app that allows you to search MLS on your own.

Open Houses


If you are interested, we will provide you with a list of Open Houses for the weekend that match your search criteria so you don't have to try and find them on your own. 

Cash Buyer Program


Sometimes. on very competitive deals we need to get more creative. One of those ways is offering cash. If you are interested, we can introduce you to companies that will purchase the home for you in cash and allow you to refinance it back later. (Certain restriction apply and are determined by the lender/company) 

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