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Why hire an LGBTQ+ friendly realtor?

If you are a LGBTQ+ person and you've hit a point in your life where you’re ready to purchase a home, you’re probably wondering how to find the perfect realtor. When it comes to one of life’s largest purchases, you should be be able to expect fair, equal, and honest representation by someone that knows the unique needs and desires of the LGBTQ+ community. Everyone has the right to a pleasant, smooth home buying or selling experience while being fully represented – and that is why you should let a LGBTQ+ friendly realtor help you find your next home!

As certified Allies and experienced LGBTQ+ friendly realtors, our team understands the nuances of the different neighborhoods in our area and know which ones to select houses from. That’s not to say your everyday realtor isn’t good enough for the job, but they’ve likely never had to consider some of the things LGBTQ+ people do. Instead of just being concerned by how busy, trendy, or up-and-coming a neighborhood is (or what it may look like), we do a deep dive into the areas we sell houses in to make sure they are safe for our LGBTQ+ clients. We care about finding you a home in a location filled with residents that have similar views or at least are open-minded and don’t discriminate against their neighbors. We go beyond just the vibe a neighborhood gives off and really consider all aspects of it.

We strive to make sure you feel respected and understood throughout your home buying journey because that’s exactly what we hope for in return from our clients. Maybe you don’t know what you are looking for just yet but we are here to help you figure that out so you’re choosing a home that will fit you for years and years to come. For instance, maybe you’ve just started a family or plan to start one soon. Certain schools are better than others when it comes to accepting LGBTQ+ parents into their environment.

We can connect you with LGBTQ+ owned businesses and service providers for your real estate journey, or at least ones that are known for being welcoming. Most people buy a new home with a list of changes or updates in mind that they want to make on the house once they purchase it. They will likely need to hire professionals to complete this list of improvements. That means contractors, landscapers, locksmiths, roofers, and more. When hiring service providers you are letting someone into a space that is sacred to you. You should feel safe welcoming those individuals into your home. We have a list, of people we have worked with in the past that we can recommend. We can help you find professionals that are accepting of all people so you can be sure your security and privacy are protected. Already having connections in place when purchasing a home takes a lot of stress away. Knowing you can hire workers that won’t discriminate against you is a big relief.

In recent years there have been a few improvements made in the United States towards protecting the rights of queer people when it comes to finding places to live. The Fair Housing Act has been around for a few decades and recently the Equality Act was passed. The Equality Act protects LGBTQ+ people by prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sex, sexual orientation, and gender identity in employment, housing, credit, and many more spaces. LGBTQ+ people are also protected when it comes to renting or buying a home. You should have little trouble receiving the things they need in order to do so, such as mortgages and housing assistance. However none of this takes the fear out of the home buying process. Even with new laws there continues to be discrimination against LGBTQ+ individuals. Unless you have a realtor that is truly looking out for your best interests, you will still be worried about your needs being fully met throughout the entirety of the home buying process. It makes sense that LGBTQ+ individuals need to be extra cautious in who they choose to help find their dream home. We will be able to help you navigate this unfamiliarity.

No matter who you decide to work with, make sure you choose someone based on their skills and personality above all else. This is one of the biggest purchases you will make in your entire life, if not the biggest. You need to know you’re in good hands. You will have to work with this person for months so make sure everyone involved gets along. A good LGBTQ+ agent will be able to accommodate you with extremely helpful information concerning your move (such as schools, shopping, storage companies, contractors, etc.) and be happy to provide it.-friendly realtor based on their skills and personality above all else.

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